Alan Clarence


With 20 years experience, Chiropractic Doctor Alan Clarence uses a range of techniques depending upon your individual needs and preferences. He can often help relieve the symptoms of back pain, neck pain, sciatica and many headaches. He can refer for X-Ray if it is deemed appropriate.

Dr Alan is the Director and full time Principal at Hamilton Spinal Sports and Wellbeing. Since moving to Hamilton in 2015 with his wife Kerrie, who is our Practice Manager, he has embraced the local community. Alan volunteers as a trainer with Hamilton Kangaroos FNC and is a Masters Rower with Hamilton Rowing Club. He is often seen training on the lake and also takes great pleasure as a coach of junior rowers at Hamilton.


Rob O'Brien

Catherine Moore



Myotherapy is a physical therapy which focuses on the treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain and pathologies. Combining trigger point therapy, massage and stretching, myotherapy may be beneficial for many pain syndromes and increase joint movement.


Rob O'Brien is a well known local identity having been a trainer at various local Football / Netball Clubs and maintains his passion for physical fitness and helping others achieve their goals.

Cat is a remedial massage therapist and has been with us since 2016. She has an interest in chronic pain management, lymphatic drainage and trigger point therapy.


She prefers to look at pain from a whole-body point of view rather than just treating the area where the pain is presenting as not all injuries are as straightforward as they first may seem. Cat likes to focus on structural change through massage to assist improved posture and ease movement for her clients.

Connecting Body, Mind and Soul is Sarah's philosophy of Holistic Care. Having achieved the highest level of remedial massage qualifications, Sarah has taken a special interest in Holistic Care. This Holistic concept links your physical health to your general well-being and emotional well -being. Sarah encourages a body - mind connection and takes into consideration the complete person physically, emotionally and mentally. 





Stephanie Farquharson studied Physiotherapy at University of South Australia and has worked closely in orthodedics and chronic pain. She has a particular interest in the management of headaches and dizziness. She spent time working with Indoor Netball Victoria. In her spare time Steph enjoys Taekwondo and getting out in the Grampians.​


Garth Collins


Garth Collins provides a full range of audiology services.  He can approve free hearing aids to eligible pensioners.  Batteries and other supplies are available on site. 





In a comfortable, confidential setting the psychology service offers a range of treatments for problems such as depression, anxiety, panic and trauma as well as difficulties associated with major life changes, loss and bereavement, pain and other health issues. 


DR Jem Riffkin:


Jem has degrees in Neuropsychology and counselling and certificates in Mindfulness Therapy, Sleep Disorders and Suicide Prevention.


Jem is a longtime resident of Hamilton, and like to spend time with her family on the farm. She sings in a local choir and enjoys creative writing, pilates and playing with her dog.




Yvonne Wombwell


Enjoy the soothing benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy whilst Yvonne Wombwell soothes your aches and pains away with a hot stone massage. Combining her massage skills and formal qualifications with a special interest in aromatherapy and stonework, Yvonne can give you a massage treatment like no other. For aches or just because you or your special someone deserve it. 



Remedial Therapy

Shane is passionate about helping people with muscle and joint pain. With over 10 years pain management experience through myofacial and deep tissue remedial techniques, he is happy to be a relatively new member of the Hamilton Community. Shc1ne is also a qualified hairdresser and makeup artist with perchant for art􀂇 and crafts. 


Hamilton Spinal Sports & Wellbeing.

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